Family Worship Resources

Family Worship Resources are created to help you read, study the Bible, pray, and worship together as a family. It also includes helpful tips for making family worship appropriate for children of different ages. See below to find our current resources to assist you with Family Worship.

October 29
God parts the Red Sea • Exodus 14:1–15:21
Principle: God wants us to trust and praise Him for His power.
Ask Your Child: How did the Israelites escape the Egyptian army?
Apply: By praising God for His mighty deeds.
This Week: As a family, read Exodus 14–15.
Next Week: Exodus 15:22–17:7

November 5
God preserves Israel • Exodus 15:22–17:7
Principle: God is merciful and good.
Ask Your Child: Why did the Israelites grumble and complain?
Apply: By trusting that God’s Word is good.
This Week: As a family, read Exodus 15:22–17:7.
Next Week: Exodus 19

November 12
God prepares Israel for the covenant • Exodus 19:1–25
Principle: God is worthy of fear and reverence.
Ask Your Child: What did God promise Israel?
Apply: By obeying God’s Word wholeheartedly.
This Week: As a family, read Exodus 19.
Next Week: Exodus 20:1–21

November 19 Review Sunday

November 26
Christmas Series
God promises to send the Messiah, Part 1 • Genesis 3:15; 12:1–3; 49:10
Principle: God fulfills His promises.
Ask Your Child: What promises about Jesus are in Genesis?
Apply: By worshiping Jesus, the Deliverer, Savior, and King.
This Week: As a family, read Genesis 3:15; 12:1–3; 49:10
Next Week: Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:18–25, 2:1–12; Micah 5:2